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PPL/PRS Music Licence

PPL & PRS for music licence

PPL and PRS for music are licences required to perform music at the premises and to authorise the public performance of sound recordings subject to PPL's control. A PPL licence is also required to authorise you to play recorded music in public.
As a community centre we hold a PPL & PRS licence that covers certain non-profit making organisations (such as WI groups, mother and toddler groups rainbows etc.) where the activities within the centre are non-profit making and are solely to raise profits for their organisation. Please contact the centre manager on 01285 711571 if you want to check if you are covered by the community centre's blanket licence.

Organisations that are not covered by the centre's blanket licence:
Any third party hire of the building by an individual or organisation that is earning a commercial income from their use of the building. Examples include Tumbletots, self employed aerobics, yoga, excercise instructors and antique fairs. In these instances the hirer will require their own PPL /PRS licence prior to using the hall for their event/group.