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About FCC Ltd

FCC Ltd was set up as a Company Limited by Guarantee in December 2002 to manage the lettable space of the Community Centre, and became a registered Charity in 2003.
The Board consists of 11 Trustees, three appointed by Fairford Town Council, three appointed by the PCC of St Mary's Church (the joint owners of the building) and 5 elected by the Members.
Anyone interested in the use of the centre is welcome to become a member. There is no membership fee, but members must be over 18 years old, support the Company's objectives and be willing to pay up to £10 maximum in the unlikely event that the Company be wound up with outstanding debts.
If you are interested in becoming a member, application forms are available to download, please click here.
The company now has more than 120 members.  We would particularly encourage regular users of the Centre to become members, which gives the opportunity to be aware of the management of the company and make suggestions for improvements.

FCC Ltd held its first Annual General Meeting on 9th June 2004, when it was reported that the company had had a very successful first year.  In subsequent years, the Treasurer has been able to report that budgeted income has been exceeded each year and the company is paying its way. Room bookings have increased steadily, and there are now many regular users, as well as frequent meetings, parties activities and events.

The Current trustees for FCC Ltd are:

Stewart Benzie  -  Chairman
Margaret Bishop  -  Company Secretary
Andrena Miles  -  Treasurer
Alison Hobson
Gerry Willis
Janet Bowen
Colin Foxall
John Read
Jon Hall
Mike Godsal
Sylvia Jones

Thanks are due to the voluntary Trustees for their hard work, and to all those individuals, groups and companies who have given donations and help over the years.
FCC Ltd (Company no. 4625810) is a Registered Charity - charity no. 1096272.

Please contact the Centre manager for further information on 01285 711571.